Camper Trailer Rental Agreement

All charges and values are displayed on our web site and are to be read in conjunction with this Rental Agreement:


  1. Camper trailer hires include a security and cleaning bond payable prior to departure.
  2. There is a minimum rental period and nightly thereafter.
  3. A minimum age of 25 applies to all hirers and drivers.
  4. All camper trailers are insured by Desert Oak and there is an excess payable by the hirer. Insurance does not cover recklessness or malicious damage or any major Breach of the Terms and Conditions.
  5. Only people nominated on the rental agreement as authorised drivers are permitted to tow any Desert Oak camper trailer.
  6. Rental fees must be paid before any Desert Oak Camper Trailer Hire rental agreement is confirmed.
  7. The camper trailer must be returned to 20 Cromwell Drive, Lara, Victoria, 3212 on or before the “return date”.
  8. If you have not made use of our cleaning service, the camper trailer must be returned in a clean condition or a minimum cleaning levy (depending on the condition of the camper trailer on return) will be charged accordingly.
  9. Recovery of the camper trailer from any other place will result in a minimum charge (depending on its location) per day (or part thereof).
  10. The cost of repair of any damage is the responsibility of the hirer.
  11. Any tyre repair or replacement is the responsibility of the hirer and any replacement must be the same or equivalent tyre. Failure to do so may result in a charge for the correct tyre to be fitted.
  12. Care should be taken not to reduce the voltage level of the battery below 11 volts. Battery performance should be monitored on the voltmeter in the van. If the battery is flattened to 11 volts or below, a recharge fee9 will be imposed to cover disconnection of the battery and removal to a qualified auto-electrician for recharging (some batteries will not recover on a trickle charge or similar appliance). Should the battery not recover, a replacement fee at current retail will apply.
  13. Generally, the extension of any Desert Oak Camper Trailer Hire rental period would only be considered before the “return date” of the Desert Oak Camper Trailer Hire rental agreement and may not always be possible.
  14. There is a charge for late returns, unless otherwise agreed.
  15. It is a condition of hire that there will be no smoking in the van or the attached annex. Failure to observe this will result in a cleaning and airing fee.
  16. The following are prohibited areas: any beaches or island where exposure to salt water may be likely, any salt water environment where salt water will come in direct contact with any part of the camper trailer, any areas where the camper trailer will be immersed in salt water, fresh water or muddy area where the emersion level will approach wheel bearing caps, overgrown, closed in or narrow tracks which may cause abrasion of the side panels. Disregard of these exclusions will result in damage that the hirer will be liable for.
  17. Any amount due to Desert Oak Camper Trailer Hire by way of insurance excess, cost of repairs, cleaning levy, recovery charge, tire damage and or late return will be sought firstly from the security bond and any balance remaining from the hirer.
  18. Your vehicle will not require a brake unit (fitted in vans). An Anderson plug will help charge the battery. Either a flat or round 7- pin plug is required.
  19. Camper trailers are not permitted to travel on any surface where exposure to saltwater may be possible.