Anywhere, anytime… in premium comfort with Desert Oak.

Choose from one of our Track Tvans or Vista RV Crossovers, couple it up to your vehicle and you are free to go almost anywhere you want in comfort you will not believe possible.

Our Track T-Vans and Vista RV Crossovers are not just trailers; they are homes away from home. Our camper trailers offer levels of luxury that almost seem un-Australian in the bush. Queen size beds, diesel hot water and heating, self contained kitchens right down to the kitchen sink and quick awnings provide the hirer with the state of the art in high performance, compact camper trailers.

How to book your Hire

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That’s it! The Desert Oak team will be in contact to organise everything you need to make your hire enjoyable.

With a fleet of industry leading Track Tvans and Vista RV Crossovers, we offer the latest and best in off-road camper trailers. Rentals can be as short as a weekend or as long as you like.

When you hire a Desert Oak camper trailer you know you are hiring quality. Just hitch it up and you’re away.

The Track Tvans and Vista RV Crossovers are extraordinary camper trailers that provide unrivalled levels of comfort, equipment and performance. We have no doubt that Aussie designed and built off-road camper trailers are the best in the world.

Track TVAN for Hire

The Track Tvan is industry leading in off-road capabilities, design, performance and comfort.

Track first launched the Tvan in 2000 (The Saunders family’s first Tvan was the 3rd off the line!) and has continually improved and developed the design, options and functionality.

Leading the hard floor camper trailer market, the Tvan has won many accolades including Camper Trailer of the Millennium, inaugural X-Factor award (for the Mk 5 Tvan) and Off-Road Camper of the year in its category 2009, 2011 and 2015.

The Tvan has been carefully designed and refined by Track to eliminate the problems associated with outdated, flip over type campers. There is no more leaking canvas onto your bed, no noisy flapping walls and never a soggy floor!

Protected from the harsh outside elements, you’re assured of a good night’s sleep and a great day’s camping.

The Tvan draws on Track’s extensive experience in developing an asymmetric link suspension and chassis system to meet the military’s need to carry sensitive communications equipment over the roughest terrain.

The Track T-Van is self sufficient and with an Aggregate Trailer Mass of only 1500kg, it can be towed by a suitable family car.

It has a battery to power lights, fans, a fridge etc. The battery is recharged by 120w of solar panels on the roof.

The Queen size bed can be left made up (heaven!) and under the bed is sufficient storage space for everything you wish to take. There is also a large front storage boot complete with fridge slide. The canvas tent section is stowed within the rear door hatch, therefore it does not come into contact with the bedding.

Track TVAN Features

  • Fast access for side of the road stops
  • Living spaces with good headroom
  • Quick cover awning, 2 min setup
  • LED lighting inside and out
  • Family friendly tent extension, loads of room for gear
  • Lightweight, perfect for tracks
  • Innovative portable audio
  • Rear deck with integrated supports and Maxtrax carrier
  • Go-anywhere MC2 suspension
  • Fast access to kitchen and fridges
  • Revolutionary tent with quick and easy magnetic catches
  • Developed with over 20 years of customer input

Vista RV for Hire

The Crossover is the latest entrant to our camper trailer fleet and offers you the very latest technology in robust and reliable camper trailer performance and features.

Vista designed this hybrid as a ‘Crossover’ between a camper and caravan. The innovative design combines the freedom of an off-road camper with the function, comfort and security of a caravan.

The XLi is the most popular model from Vista and is backed by a great reputation with many happy campers!

The design has been carefully considered to be compact yet spacious and ergonomically comfortable. The Crossover lends itself to many creature comforts including diesel heating and gas hot water, indoor table and couches and a queen sized bed.

Every nook and cranny has been utilised by the Vista RV team, who have incorporated storage space and clever features wherever possible. Like the solar panel mounted on the back of the trailer, or the bed area which doubles as a comfortable table and lounge during the day. The Vista RV team are especially proud of their suspension design; one look underneath will show that they understand the conditions in which their customers will be using these camper trailers.


Surprisingly, our hiring is not exclusively outback bound. Our Track T-Vans and Vista RV Crossovers can stand the rigours of the Australian bush but are equally suited a bit closer to home. Whether one is camping at the Easter family break, being comfortable the week of the races or long weekend away, our camper trailers are able to offer the latest in self-contained camping accommodation and can be towed by most family sedans with an ATM of just 1500kgs.


We can hire you just about everything needed for your off-road adventure; if we haven’t got it, let us know!.

Desert Oak offer premium goods for hire with extensive experience and knowledge behind us. Our wide range of products extend from fridges to camp chairs!

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Try Before You Buy

When you hire from Desert Oak and go on to purchase one of our fleet vans we will discount your purchase to the value of your hire (max $1000).

When you hire from Desert Oak and go on to purchase a brand new van from either Track or Vista RV, the manufacturer will discount your purchase to the value of your hire (max $1000).
*not in conjunction with any other offer, please contact Track / Vista RV for further information.

Booking Info

We want your dealings with us to be as straightforward and care free as possible but there are a number of points of agreement that need to be clear to the hirer prior to any booking of and subsequent hire of one of our premium camper trailers.

Your booking is confirmed when the hire fees are paid.

When booking in advance of 7 days, bonds are not processed until 7 days prior to departure date.

Should you for any reason be unable to use your booking or change your mind, there is a cooling off period of 72 hours from the time of placing your booking. If you advise within us within that time, a your booking will be refunded less a $150 admin fee.

Should you advise us beyond 72 hours of placing your booking, every effort will be made to sell your booking on. Please provide as much notice as possible, as the closer you get to your start date the less likely it is to be rehired. If a hire is able to be facilitated, the proceeds will be forwarded to you less a 20% admin fee.

If you have questions about any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss.

In the event government travel restrictions prevent You from being able to travel for Your booking, We will refund Your booking less an administration fee of $150. If you paid via Stripe, the transaction fee (1.75%) will be deducted from the refund. There are no transaction fees associated with payment via direct deposit.

If You fail to notify Us of Your intended cancellation prior to the Start of the Rental and fail to pick up the Camper Trailer, You will forfeit the Rental Charges for the Rental Period.

A cancellation is not effective until acknowledged and confirmed by Us.

All hire bookings are subject to the Desert Oak Terms & Conditions and your Rental Agreement.